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Historical consultants tScapreel are a small information and research business based in Dordrecht (Nederland) run by Henk and Pauline ’t Jong. We have been active for nearly 25 years in the Dutch (and Belgian) heritage business. We advise town councils, museums, heritage centres, historians, archaeologists, art-historians, authors and the media on matters cultural and historical. We possess extensive knowledge about daily life between 1 AD to 1800 AD and many other customs, crafts and cultural activities within this period. If you want to know about historic dress, food and drink, home interiors, arms and armour, architecture, heraldry, pottery and household items ours is the place to contact.


Besides this we can do research for (art) historians in Dutch archives and libraries, museums and other heritage institutes. As an MA in medieval history (Leiden 2009) and a historic consultant for about 30 years Henk is well versed in the skills needed for acquiring info for papers and dissertations about medieval and other historical subjects. Foreign languages, and especially English, are no problem and neither is paleography.


Pauline is a fount of knowledge about the practical side of historic cooking and Henk is also a writer, (graphic) designer and heraldist with over 45 years experience. Especially authors of historical novels or filmscripts may have a use for our very down to earth knowledge of such elusive things as living in medieval houses and castles, the practical wearing of historic dress, of travelling and hygiene, sickness and health, religion and art, mentality and justice.

How to contact us

People from all over the world may contact us via e-mail or phone (see contact form) or, of course, by letter. Our fees are very reasonable but we do have very special fields of expertise so clearly we are not really cheap. Ask for them before you commission us to do a job for you.

Of course it is not possible to have a face to face contact with clients outside the Benelux region of Europe, except if there’s no problem in paying travelling expenses. But our experience of almost 25 years of dealing with foreign clients is that e-mail and phone are perfectly able to cross the devide of distance.

Henk researched, for instance, the countess of Gelre, a Dutch noblewoman, who was the probable owner of the Taymouth Hours, for Dr. Kathryn Smith, an American academic (see banner).

Wat is een scapreel?

Het woord scapreel komt van een laat-middeleeuws hangend wandkastje waarin diverse kostbare en nuttige dingen bewaard werden. Onze kennis en ervaring zijn net zo kostbaar en nuttig.


Zo’n kastje hangt rechts naast de haard op een miniatuur uit het Getijdenboek van Katharina van Kleef (ca 1440).

VOF tScapreel

Historisch adviesbureau tScapreel is een Vennootschap onder Firma (VOF) van Henk en Pauline ‘t Jong. Hij is opgericht op 1 maart 1996. Op 3 juni 2013 werd heraldischatelier De Raaf aan de VOF toegevoegd. 

De website van De Raaf vindt u op www.atelierderaaf.nl.


Een blog over geschiedenis en met recensies van boeken en musea is Tiecelins Gekras.


En blog over de vroege geschiedenis van Dordrecht vindt u op Apud Thuredrech.


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